Rejuvenate and re-energize. Awaken your senses with personalized massage therapy services. Our professional and skilled massage therapists at Skin Innovations Spa are committed to providing a calm stress-free environment where the attention is focused on your needs resulting in total relaxation and bliss.


Customized specifically for you. Whether it is swedish, therapeutic, deep tissue or a combination of these modalities, our skilled therapists will tailor your experience to leave you feeling relaxed and renewed and restored. 

30 minutes | $50
55 minutes | $100
80 minutes | $150


This massage focuses on areas of the body that are stressed from repetitive movements, overuse and tension. Utilizing firm pressure and specific techniques to gradually melt into the deeper layers of the muscles, this massage activates the slow release of energy and blood flow for the ultimate tension release followed with the application of arnica on specific overtired muscles for a soothing release.

55 minutes | $125
80 minutes | $175


Personalize your own sensory experience by selecting one of our highly therapeutic oil blends that will take you on an aroma-therapeutic journey resulting in deep relaxation, calm and tranquility. Experience effective and immediate relaxation, relieving all stress related tension in your body. 

55 minutes | $125
80 minutes | $150


Slow, carefully orchestrated massage techniques allow a continuous flow of gentle heat using volcanic stones. This relaxing treatment returns balance to your body and helps to melt away deep muscle tension and stress. 

55 minutes | $150


When time is precious, and wellness is a priority – find relief for yourself with this target area massage. Alleviates stress, tension and stiffness, bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance.

30 minutes | $45


Nurture your body and uplift your spirit with a relaxing massage using pure organic oils. This gentle massage designed for moms-to-be helps improve sleep, reduce stress, and soothe muscle fatigue by improving circulation, alleviating back discomfort and soothing sensitive skin.

55 minutes | $150
80 minutes | $175

Balancing CBD Massage

Enhance your massage experience with the powerful blend of 400mg of water-soluble broad-spectrum CBD active botanical ingredients without THC, a luxurious blend of nutrient oils and therapeutic plant extracts. This medium pressure massage will elevate your mind, relax the nervous system, and help to provide immediate relief from aches, pain and sore muscles, arthritis and inflammation.

55 Min | $125


Choose an enhancement within the time of your massage for an added benefit if you are looking for extra time and pampering.

Volcanic Hot Stones  $20

Melt away tension and stress with this add-in to any massage. Slow, carefully orchestrated massage techniques allow a continuous flow of heat using volcanic stones.

Dry Feet Relief  $20

This foot treatment includes an exfoliation and the application of a moisturizing cooling cream to relieve any dryness or tiredness on the feet.

Body Brushing $20

The ideal addition to any massage if you are looking for a boost to increase circulation, a light exfoliation that would prepare the skin for a better absorption of the oils used during the massage which will result in a more hydrated skin.

Foot Reviver 25 Minutes $100

A wonderful addition to any massage if you love your feet being pampered. Ease away the physical stress and strain on your legs and feet while your therapist exfoliates and smooths your skin. To finish indulge with a massage that combines traditional eastern techniques and pressure point massage.

CBD Relief Cream $10

Combining the powerful regenerative properties of 400 mg of water-soluble CBD with other active botanical ingredients, this pain cream will provide you with immediate relief from aches, pains, sore muscles, arthritis, sprains, strains, and inflammation.