Online skin care

You would be surprised how much we can accomplish for your skin online.

In today’s world of social distancing due to coronavirus (COVID-19) we want you to know that you can still get and maintain great skin care in the comfort of your own home.

Skin Innovations Spa is pleased to offer online live video based skin care service appointments with our regular staff technicians in lieu of many low-tech treatment services.

Starting with skin care consultations we can quickly and easily evaluate most skin conditions and make personalized recommendations for you as well create an easy to follow at-home guide for you to follow to maintain great skin.

Skin care products you may need based on your skin care consultation or ongoing treatment regimen can be recommended and shipped directly to your home.

How does it work?

You can setup an appointment just as you would a normal in person appointment at the spa by requesting an appointment below or by email or phone.

Prior to your appointment you will receive an email with a calendar invite for your appointment and a video conference link that you can use to access the video conference portion of the appointment. If you are a new client you will receive an intake form to complete and return to us via email prior to your appointment. Details on how to connect to the video conference will be included in the email.

If you are receiving products they will be shipped to you directly at your home.

If you are receiving a skin care at-home guide you will find this in the same shipment box where you got your skin care products shipped to you from Skin Innovations.

Cancellation policy and other rules apply same as a normal in-person visit which can be found here.

Payment can be applied using online payment by major credit card during the video appointment.

What can we really accomplish online instead of in-person?

There are some things we just won’t be able to do until you come for an in person visit, however there is a lot we can do for you that can make it worth your while and that is far better than simply not doing anything. Here are some things we can do:

  • Skin evaluations and consultations.
  • At-home skin care routine recommendations and/or adjustments as well as product recommendations.
  • Acute condition check ups
  • Simple at-home technique walk throughs depending on your specific skin care needs.

In some cases where we cannot provide a service online we will notify you and recommend an in-person visit.

What are the costs and length of online appointments?

Online appointments are cheaper than in person visits but also take much less time. Here is what can expect for typical online video appointments:

Skin consultation and evaluation – $45 / approx 20 minutes in length

This includes evaluating your skin as needed, discussing visible conditions, potential treatment options and outcomes.

Followup consultation – $30 / approx 15 minutes in length

After your initial consultation you can book a follow up consultation to checkin on your at home routine and make any necessary adjustments, answer questions, or evaluate an acute condition’s progress.

Depending on the nature of the followup these appointments are recommended every 3-4 weeks.

Direct skin care product shipment & At-home routine card

You pay for the cost of the products plus tax and shipping, there is no additional charge. Invoicing is sent out after your online consult. For purchases over $100 you will get your personalized at-home daily skin care routine card for you to follow that outlines your recommended skin care regimen.

Find out more about at-home products on our at-home products page.


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