Pevonia® Eye Make-up Remover


Remove eye makeup gently for a soothed, refreshed eye contour.

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Coated with concealer, pigments, shimmer, wax, lash-fixatives, and more, our eyes truly deserve to be bathed clean in a soothing, restoring lotion in the aftermath. Pevonia’s sublimely formulated gentle, aqueous eye lotion is non-irritating and suitable for contact-lens users and sensitive eyes. Arnica immediately goes to work, easing under-eye blood circulation congestion that causes puffiness and dark circles. Cucumber enjoys Hollywood-style celebrity status with multiple actives perfectly suited for the eye-area. Rich in polysaccharides, it hydrates and soothes. Its antioxidants, including powerful Vitamin C, protect, clear, and brighten the skin. Its Folic and Cafeic Acids support collagen production, and its mild astringent effect tightens the skin. Lettuce infuses a bevy of essential vitamins and minerals that soothe and naturally restore the skin’s pH level. Elder’s antioxidants and flavonoid compounds fight cell-damaging Free Radicals. Mallow contributes another measure of soothing, anti-inflammatory actives as it softens and moisturizes. After the action and dazzle, we must rest and restore. . .our eyes.

Primary Benefits:

Remove eye makeup without irritation or oily residue, plus preserve and replenish the delicate eye area. Gentle, aqueous, non-irritating lotion is suitable for contact-lens users and sensitive eyes.

Who Needs It:

Very gentle. Suited for all skin types, especially sensitive skin prone to allergies, as well as wearers of contact-lenses and eyelash extensions.

How to Use:

Moisten cotton with this gentle, aqueous eye make-up remover lotion. Cleanse the eyelids and eyelashes. For all skin types.


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