Ilike Rose Petal Gel Mask 1.7 OZ


Ilike Organic Skin Care Rose Petal Gel Mask hydrates, tones and smoothes dry, wrinkled, thick and scaly skin. Rose oil soothes dry skin, sensitive skin conditions including rosacea and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles for younger-looking skin. Vitamin B2 provides antioxidant benefits and maintains the healthy function of skin cells.

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Skin Type: Dry/Scaly.

The is a great product to help with scaly seborrhea, fatigued, dry, non-sensitive premature and mature skin with loose pores. It has a delightful fragrance and it tones, renews, nurtures, moisturizes, and boosts skin elasticity and abrading the keratin layer. For rough keratin layers, use once weekly, applying a thin layer at night.

ilike Rose Petal Gel Mask Features & Benefits:

  • Certified organic ingredients (BDIH, EcoCert partner Biokontroll and EU decree certifictates).
  • Tones.
  • Renews.
  • Nurtures.
  • Moisturizes.
  • Boosts skin elasticity.
  • Slightly contracts.
  • Abrades the keratin layer.
  • Smoothes.

How To Use ilike Rose Petal Gel Mask:
First, clean your skin before putting ilike Rose Petal Gel Mask onto your whole face and neck. Let the mask sit for 15-20 minutes for best results. Take it off with a moist towel and complete the process with a serum and moisturizer. Use 1-2 times weekly and leave on overnight if you have a thickened keratin layer. Exfoliating will boost the benefits of the mask.

NOTE: You may experience some tingling 30-60 seconds after applying this product. This is a normal effect and just means that the herbs and product are reacting within the skin. That sensation will go away in a few minutes, leaving you with comfortable and calm skin.

ilike Rose Petal Gel Mask Ingredients:
Red Rose Petals, Honey, Rose Oil, Vitamin B2 and C, Bioflavonoids, Minerals, Trace Elements.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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