Ilike Rosehip Exfoliator 1.7 OZ


Ilike Organic Skin Care Rosehip Exfoliatorrevitalizes, soothes and boosts moisture levels in chapped, inflamed and dehydrated skin. Lactic acid exfoliates to remove dead skin cell buildup decreasing the appearance of chloasma, age spots, blemishes and controls excess oil production. Rosehip Exfoilator helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles while keeping the skin hydrated. The formula also helps minimize the appearance of stretchmarks and cellulite.

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Skin Type: Normal/Combination, Oily.

ilike Rosehip Exfoliator Description:
Use ilike Rosehip Exfoliator on face and/or body. Full of vitamins, this clarifying mask rids the skin of dirt and impurities and also calms the skin. Dead skin cells become loose and new cells begin to grow. Acne-prone/oily teenage skin can even benefit from this product if used two times a week.

ilike Rosehip Exfoliator Features & Benefits:

  • Calms and heals inflamed skin.
  • Dead skin cells are removed and skin becomes hydrated.
  • Decreases shiny skin.
  • Certified organic ingredients (BDIH, EcoCert partner Biokontroll and EU decree certifictates)
  • Prepared with fruit, vegetable and herb pulps to preserve the full concentration and potency of ingredients.

How To Use ilike Rosehip Exfoliator:
When you are finished cleaning your skin, rub a thin layer of ilike Rolling Face & Body Exfoliator on skin. Leave it on until it dries (15 minutes for best results). With a damp towel, scrub the exfoliator off. Next, apply a mask or special treatment and complete your regimen with a moisturizer or serum.

NOTE:It is normal to have a tingling feeling 30-60 seconds after you apply this product to the skin, but will stop after a few minutes, followed by a calming, soothing effect.

ilike Rosehip Exfoliator Ingredients:
Rosehip, Honey, Corn Meal, Corn Germ Oil, Lemon Oil, Lemon Balm Oil, Lactic Acid, Zinc Sulphate, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin A, B, C E, K and P, Mineral Salts, Trace Elements.

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