Pevonia® RS2 Concentrate


Pevonia’s natural ingredients will immediately cool, strengthen capillaries, control blotchiness and rosacea.

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Minimize skin redness with this natural, calming formula.

This lightweight, advanced skin care gel controls blotchiness and comforts irritated complexions. Skin redness is typically caused by broken capillaries that release blood near the surface of your face. With help from this treatment, the broken capillaries can be repaired to create a more even skin tone. The formula contains natural ingredients that not only provide powerful, visible results, but also keep your complexion comfortable and calm.

Experience immediate results with this advanced skin care treatment.

The ingredients in Pevonia products are natural, soothing actives that improve your complexion while preventing irritation. RS2 Concentrate contains a variety of actives that target skin redness like green tea extract, licorice extract and olibanum. The blend of ingredients in this formula calms, desensitizes and repairs damage, which reduces blotchiness to create a more even skin tone. Pevonia RS2 Concentrate is suggested for complexions with microcirculation problems and redness.

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