Pevonia® Soothing Propolis Concentrate


Pevonia’s natural ingredients calm sensitive skin and acne.

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Choose Pevonia Soothing Propolis Concentrate for sensitive skin care.

This French skin care gel is a great choice for all skin types, but is best suited for easily irritated complexions. The formula is designed to desensitize and strengthen the skin as well as improve its overall health. This sensitive skin care product gently refreshes your face and improves sensitivity for a more beautiful and comfortable complexion.

This gel enhances your complexion with natural ingredients like propolis extract.

Pevonia products such as this facial cream are formulated with gentle, yet effective ingredients to take care of your complexion. Lavender acts as an anti-bacterial agent, propolis extract refreshes your skin, provides anti-inflammatory benefits and vetiver oil aids in clearing and preventing acne. The inclusion of propolis extract is what makes this French skin care product so unique. This extract is found in the Jura Mountains of France and with the help of the other key ingredients, enriches and strengthens your skin.

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